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In the past, dentures created many frustrations for patients. Today’s dentures offer an improved fit, feel, and appearance over the prosthetics of previous generations. With proper care and maintenance, and good health, natural teeth can last a lifetime. However, lack of access to dental care, improper oral hygiene, disease, medications, and injury can cause teeth to become irreparably damaged or lost. When the best solution is dentures, you can rest assured that modern options will improve your quality of life, oral function, and appearance. To learn about how dentures can benefit you, schedule a consultation at Cordova Dental with Dr. David Ijams or Dr. Clarissa Turner.

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Types of Dentures

Traditional Full Dentures

Full dentures consist of natural-looking replacement teeth secured to a gum-colored base. They can be placed on the top, bottom, or both arches of the mouth. Full dentures are held in place with a sticky denture adhesive. The portion of the denture base that rests on the gums is fabricated to fit snugly against bony ridges. Over time, however, natural jawbone tissue degenerates when tooth roots are not present. Friction also contributes to bony ridge deterioration. The gums become smooth, and even with adhesive, dentures may not feel as secure as they should. Often, patients must endure loose, wobbly, or slipping dentures.

Traditional Partial Dentures

Also called a partial, traditional partial dentures replace multiple teeth on one arch. Unlike full dentures, partials are held in place by clasps that clip onto healthy teeth. Patients need to know that, over time, the added stress of the partial may alter the structure of supporting teeth. Some people confuse a bridge with a fixed partial. Unlike a bridge, a partial is removable, and can replace teeth that are spread across an entire arch. Bridges are fixed (non-removable) and replace one or a few teeth in a row. 

Implant-retained Dentures

Implant-retained dentures, or implant-retained partials, may be fixed or removable and are secured to dental implants - tiny metal posts anchored in the jawbone. Patients experience no slippage, looseness, or wobbling of their prosthetic when it is secured to dental implants. Patients also do not need to use adhesive or maintain the same time-consuming denture care that is required with traditional dentures.

Why Choose Dentures?

Dentures allow people who have only a few failing natural teeth, who have lost many natural teeth, or who have lost all of their teeth to reclaim the benefits of a full set of strong, reliable, attractive teeth. If you fit any of these criteria, dentures can provide:

  • More comfortable and complete oral function
  • Better pre-digestion with renewed biting and chewing ability
  • Improved ability to pronounce and speak clearly
  • A boost in self confidence due to a more attractive appearance
  • Reduced potential for facial collapse
  • Improved quality of life
  • Better overall health, due to the ability to consume a healthy diet

Overall, we know that people who are missing all of their teeth statistically do not live as long as people with a full set of teeth. We also know that missing one or more teeth increases your risk of losing more teeth. 

Schedule Your Denture Consultation

You do not have to endure poor oral health, the pain of failing teeth, or embarrassment over slipping dentures. Dentures, whether implant-retained or traditional, can greatly improve your health, quality of life, and self-confidence. Contact us to schedule your denture consultation at Cordova Dental today

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